World Company International for contracting began its work in 2008, during this period it won excellent reputation in the field of executing contracts using high technology with the testimony of special governmental authorities that we worked with, and our project execution was coupled with good quality and swift accomplishment. Our mode and competence enabled us to win several special and general contracts, under the supervision of work entities and their consultants.

Providing solutions for the Iraqi’s most sophisticated logistic, construction, and engineering challenges are the aspiration that we adopt for the future. This aspiration not only stimulates us to maintain our leading position in the Iraqi market but also makes us keen to extend our business to the neighboring countries in the Middle East region.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be on top of all the Iraqi’s companies in terms of performance and deliverables and to hold a distinctive position in the fast growing national and regional contracting markets.

Our Mission

Developing profitable business and providing high-quality performance that respects the assigned budget and schedule and adheres to the best safety procedures and practices in order to achieve the operational excellence for building a better future.