About Us

World Company International for contracting began its work in 2008, during this period it won excellent reputation in the field of executing contracts using high technology with the testimony of special governmental authorities that we worked with, and our project execution was coupled with good quality and swift accomplishment. Our mode and competence enabled us to win several special and general contracts, under the supervision of work entities and their consultants.

Providing solutions for the Iraqi’s most sophisticated logistic, construction, and engineering challenges are the aspiration that we adopt for the future. This aspiration not only stimulates us to maintain our leading position in the Iraqi market but also makes us keen to extend our business to the neighboring countries in the Middle East region.

Cِontractors & Construction Since 2008.

What We Do

  • Supply (Any kind of materials, all over Iraq delivery)
  • Fuel Storage & Fuel Services & Vehicle Maintenance
  •  Base Camp Maintenance
  • Food Service & DFAC Operations
  • Door-to-Door Transportation & Logistics Services
  • Water Systems & Electrical Systems
  • Laundry & Sewing & Clothing Facility & Barber Shop
  • Latrines & Shower Maintenance & Waste Management
  • Inventory & Stock Control & Warehousing
  • Morale, Welfare and Recreation Facilities
  • Medical Clinics & Health Services Supplies
  • Office & Cleaning Supply Support
  • Hazardous Materials & Vector Control
  • Modular Containerized Structures
  • Security Barriers & Anti-Terrorism and Force Protection
  • Procurement Services … Etc
Working with us

General contracting, transporting, processing all types of materials, employees for all departments, we work with all our capacity since 2008

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          The Word of the Managing Director
       We are delighted to express to you of our interest and the full readiness
to cooperate with you in executing all projects according to the technical specification
required by you also our readiness to provide you with all of your needs from materials
appliances, equipment, and furniture from the best known international origins
hoping that we participate with you in rebuilding Iraq.
  We trust that you will find what will be fit to meet your needs and we look forward to working together with you for future projects.